The Energy Clinic delivers at the Newport


For those of you thinking that the music industry has become a quagmire of uninspired remixes and general redundancy, look no further then The Energy Clinic to show that creativity still has a pulse. Scorching vocals and funked up riffs collided at the Newport Music Hall on May 27, as The Energy Clinic put on an electrifying show that jolted “America’s Longest Continually Running Rock Club,” to its 88-year-old core. 

A small entourage of Code 10 Collective members (Harry Locke IV, Ali Milo, and Cody Cousino) were on hand to document the milestone performance for the group, who after only 7 months of playing together, have gone from local bars to taking the same stage that hosted U2’s first American show, and John Lee Hooker’s final performance before his passing.

Code 10 Studios will be hosting and publishing two different sets of content for The Energy Clinic as the weeks roll on: The Newport Series and The Scarlet & Grey Series.
The Scarlet & Grey Series is a collection of videos captured by Code 10 at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe in Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 18, 2010. 5 months before the band’s rise to a grander stage. 

Code 10 Studios and The Energy Clinic share a close creative and professional bond. In addition to HD filming services for the band, Code 10 Studios designed their logo branding in-house, and are in talks to direct music videos in the near future.

Stay tuned to The Energy Clinic’s profile on the Code 10 Studios projects page for an update on all the latest happenings between this creative collision of film, design, and great tunes.


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